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Foundation Repair New York

“How much does it cost to fix a sinking house?” This is the question every homeowner, in and outside New York City, wants to know.

fix a sinking foundation

The answers are available below. Though let me remind you these numbers are only estimates. These numbers also vary, depending on the following variables:

Location – Where do you live? Do you live in the city or suburbs?

Extent of the damage – What type of foundation does your house have? Is it a slab? Is it a crawl space or a basement? What are the possible causes of sinking? What other foundation problems does your house have?

The number of the quality tools needed for the project – How many bags of new concrete does the project need? How many steel piers are needed?

The number of professionals needed for the project – Did you know that a team of foundation repair experts usually consists of a certified engineer, an experienced inspector and a group of repairmen?

HomeAdvisor conducted a survey to its 1,064 members. These members are asked to complete a short cost survey and after organizing the data, the website reveals that:

$900 – The minimum cost of a sinking foundation repair.

$10,000 – The maximum cost of a sinking foundation repair.

$4,442 – The average cost of a sinking foundation repair in a national area.

Between $3,558 to $5,328 – The cost which most homeowners spend to repair a sinking foundation.

Between $3,000 to $5,000 – The estimate cost of repair and concrete pour.

Between $800 to $1,000 – The estimate cost of latex and caulking pour.

$400 – The cost of repairing a piece of slab in a foundation.

Between $5,000 to $7,000 – The estimate cost of repairing an entire slab foundation.

Between $300 to $500 – The estimate cost of a professional inspection.

Between $500 to $1,000 – The cost of a soil test conducted by a Geotechnical Engineer.

$3,500 – The cost for “underpinning” the concrete.

$1,000 – The additional labor cost for “underpinning” the concrete.

Those are the numbers; hopefully, it answers your curiosity. Yet, it isn’t enough. Should you need more information, it’s highly recommended to shop around, ask for more estimates and of course, ask for discounts.

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